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If you answer YES to one or more of the following questions:

Are you ready to shed extra weight to get yourself back in shape or for health reasons and you have been looking for a support group to help you lose the extra weight?

Do you have some problems areas – Parts of your body where you would like to shed some stubborn fat? You have tried different means and diets to few extra pounds, 5 pounds or more for many years but it’s not happening?

Has your recent weight gain created a self-conscious complex and hindered you from enjoying activities that you love including shopping, traveling, participating in sports with your kids?

Do you want to learn how spiritual fitness is an important component of physical fitness?

Are just talking about losing weight but you know you really need to lose weight because your doctor has told you on so many medical checkups? And now, you are ready to see how your commitment to eating healthy and exercise for 6 weeks will reduce the frequent visits to the doctor.

If you’ve started and then quit a weight loss program, new diet or exercise program in the past

If you are tired of trying to lose the same 5-10 pounds, all year long

If you wish you could kick your cravings once and for all with a true lifestyle reset that is both fun and sustainable

If you want to stop craving and giving in to sweets and junk food, even when you know that you’ll regret it afterwards

If you feel uncomfortable with the way your clothes fit and dread having to buy the next size up

If you start your morning with low energy and it only gets worse as the day goes on

If your stomach feel constantly bloated from eating

If you lack the confidence you need to stay motivated to stick to your program and reach your goals…

Here's Just A Taste Of The Secrets That Will Be Revealed And What You'll Learn To Do In Your 6-Week Weight Loss Program

  • I’ll teach you how to jump-start your metabolism with food 
  • I’ll teach you how to remove these toxins i.e. harmful substances from your body and take in the proper nutrients, to lose weight, gain energy, so your body quickly bounces back to health.
  • You’ll learn how to kickstart your new healthy lifestyle, establish positive diet and exercise habits, and create a consistent daily routine that sets you up for success.
  • Plus, you’ll learn everything you need to map out a healthy daily routine, create a realistic plan to reach your healthy weight, and to bring it ALL together into a lifestyle that works for you and helps you stay consistent in your weightloss journey.
  • The nutrition approach is a step-by-step process that will revolutionize your lifestyle and transform your body. It includes weekly life changing nutrition exercises to help you achieve your nutrition goals, emotional well-being goals and your overall weight loss goals.
  • Prep Week: You get an additional week of support and guidance to help you prepare for the journey at hand. This includes a 30-minute introductory call with Ade
  • Create a nutrition and fitness plan that works for you and your family to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Customized Meal Plan will be provided Includes Grocery List, Eating Plan for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with preferences in the Meal Assessment Questionnaire. Meal plan will accommodate specified diet restrictions, allergies, favorite foods etc
  • Daily progress tracking via app with Coach Ade’s guidance and feedback to make changes with customized healthy meal plan. I will monitor your weekly progress via what you record on the Food Diary App and make suggestions that will help you get better results.
  • One 60-minute group strategy calls with Ade every week. The calls are to make sure you are making progress, discuss your challenges and celebrate your victories. It will provide the added support and guidance you need during the challenge to stay focused on your health and fitness goals. You will receive an MP3 file for each recorded session.
  • Weekly Nutrition Exercise, Fitness Challenge, Mindset Coaching, Emotional Wellness and Spiritual Connection via email to help you reach your healthy weight and attain your personal health and wellness goals – spirit, soul and body

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Celebrating your progress a big part of the process. I believe in celebrating every step of the way. So for making the step to invest in yourself by making a commitment to the Fabulously Fit Program, you will receive the following, a $500 value, all yours for free!

  • One on One Questionnaire Review Phone Call
  • 2 Meal Plan Adjustments to accommodate needs
  • Live and recorded video for the Fitness Challenge
  • You will the audio version of It’s Time Fitness – Body Declarations. The “Body Declarations” are powerful and spirit filled confessions that have the power to transform your spirit, soul and body.
  • 1 month of accountability support with Ade after the Fabulously Fit Program is over. Access to schedule 2 calls with her to answer questions and give guidance.
  • Meal Tracking and Group coaching for the 12 Day Detox Program to remove harmful to toxins from your body and emotional detox via devotional.

“The Fabulously Fit Program has been tremendously helpful. The program has not only helped me in losing weight, it has taught me the habit of eating and staying healthy. I love the accountability Coach Ade infuses into the program: constantly checking on me to know how I am making progress, address my challenges and give words of encouragement. All these have immensely helped me to stay grounded. It has also helped me form healthy habits, I mean eating foods I love and still stay healthy. I have lost 20 lbs since I started working with Coach Ade. I feel lighter, rejuvenated and happy.”

- Inemesit

Program Guarantee

You will have the option to choose a payment plan or pay in full. Pls Read the Terms and Conditions for the Fabulously Fit Program before proceeding at http://www.itstimefitnessaz.com/fab-fit-terms-and-conditions.html.

We believe that if you make the commitment to do all that the Fabulously Fit Program offers and follow through with it, you will get the transformation it promises. That’s why we are giving you a trial period of 2 weeks from the start of the program (which includes the prep week) to review the program and if you are not completely satisfied, you will receive a refund minus registration fees.

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This is a 6-week program.  The total cost is $497 (FOR A LIMITED TIME, get it for just $427 — save $70 with coupon code fabfitsave70)   Five payments of $97 USD will be due bi-weekly. Additional payment plans are available upon request. (FOR A LIMITED TIME save $50 on payment plans with coupon code fabfitsave50)

Check If you are Obese or Overweight

Overweight and obesity are both labels for ranges of weight that are greater than what is generally considered healthy for a given height.
For adults, overweight and obesity ranges are determined by using weight and height to calculate a number called the “body mass index” (BMI). BMI is used because, for most people, it correlates with their amount of body fat.
BMI is just one indicator of potential health risks associated with being overweight or obese.

  • An adult who has a BMI between 25 and 29.9 is considered overweight.
  • An adult who has a BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese

Click here to calculate your BMI


“I never believed I could reduce in size until I started this journey with the power detox phase. I was so scared and skeptical to start the detox as I had tried everything and did not work. I was amazed after few days into the program that I already lost 4 pounds it was unbelievable. By the end of the detox phase, I had lost 11lbs and 4 inches. I enjoyed the green smoothies so much that I always look forward to having them and pounds I am shedding afterwards. Right now, I feel lighter and my skin is glowing and looking fresh. I constantly receive compliments from people around me about how my skin and weight has changed recently.  The Fabulously Fit Program which I signed up for after the detox, has actually helped me and my family to form new healthy eating habits. I am always mindful of what I eat and my children are enjoying eating healthy.”

- Elizabeth

If you are ready to start seeing the results you’ve always wanted, then join me for a risk-free trial of my high demand course, The Fabulously Fit Weightloss Program.

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